How to use Keywords in your Blog articles?

As we already know, using keywords in the meta tags to optimize your blog is a great idea. Another great idea is to use those keywords in each new article you post. I mean, the keywords you are targeting on your blog. So, if your blog is about “digital cameras” and you are already including those keywords in your blog title and meta tags, I will recommend including those words a few times in each article. Don’t target too many keywords or the same word many times. With a couple of times in each new post is more than fine. Write your articles naturally, but with the right keywords in mind.

Use your most relevant keywords in the title tag. There are also some SEO plugins for WordPress, where you can set a different page title than that of your blog post. The keywords contained in the permalink of the article are very important in terms of SEO. You can edit the post slug (permalink) so that it contains the most important keyword. That’s all for now. See you next time. 😉