Patagonia Theme 1.6.6 Released

Happy New year everyone! I hope you had a great week! 2010 is here and it will be a great year for WordPress and everything involving this amazing Content Management System that is here to stay and to make the web a better place. As you may know, WordPress was first thought as a Blogging platform. However it is now applied to E-commerce sites, business portals, personal sites, video, photography and tube websites, hosting sites with wpmu, just to name a few.

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WordPress is no longer known as “just a blogging platform”. The job of theme designers is to style WordPress for everyone and to make Internet sites look great and easy to browse. Amazing Free and Premium WordPress themes will be released in 2010. Version 1.6.6 of Patagonia includes excerpts in the category and tags pages which shows a resume of each post and a link to the full article.

If you are upgrading Patagonia and your theme was manually customized, remember to save those changes before upgrading. WordPress will probably release a feature to make theme upgrades easier in a coming future, specially for users who customize themes. Another great news is that I have partenerd with one of my colleagues to start offering free blog hosting to my theme users, but I will release this via Twitter and RSS first, so make sure to subscribe to the RSS and Twitter. Wish you a great start of 2010! Happy blogging!