WordPress.com Food Blog Aggregator

WordPress.com announced the launch of FoodPress, the first project for aggregating content written by its users. Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and WordPress.org among other projects, has partnered with Federated Media to handle the publishing and advertising opportunities for FoodPress.

To get featured on the site, they recommend that bloggers use food-related tags like food, recipes, baking or drinks, so that their posts are easier to find for the site’s editor. So if you’re a food blogger and writer, be sure to use related tags on your posts. The bloggers currently post “thousands of mouth-watering recipes and food stories every day.”

Chances are that this won’t remain WordPress.com’s only attempt at establishing destination sites for different verticals. It’s easy to imagine similar sites that aggregate the best travel blogs on WordPress.com, for example. Assuming FoodPress is a success and an overall traffic driver, they expect that other niche content aggregators or “presses” will be launched later.

If FoodPress becomes popular, it could not only bring more traffic to WordPress.com blogs, but also provide some SEO advantage to the sites that are listed there. It will also incentivate their bloggers to keep updating their blogs with fresh content.