Gain Authority and Trust

As you may know, in today’s search engines, the value of a link from a Blog depends on how much authority and trust that Blog has. Authority can also be described as Reputation and trust of a site. You should ask yourself: How reputable is your blog? For example Google measures authority with PageRank. An authoritative Blog may do very well in search results and have a very high PageRank score too, but still not be trusted because they sell text link ads to SEO people.

Links from such sites may be worth nothing to some search engines. Google publishes an approximation of their PageRank score through the Google Toolbar add-on, so you’ll see a lot of emphasis out there on forums talking about “high-PR” links and that sort of things. There are only a few good ways to get honest natural links.

For some people, it comes down to buying, bartering, or actually earning an editorial link. We know which ones are most valued by search engines and buying links is a “No No” for all search engines. So stay away from sites that sell links. It’s not impossible to get the best and honest kind of links, but you do need to think and work a little on it.

My general approach to link building is based on the concepts of authority and trust, like anyone’s would be. We all want more natural links from sites that are as authoritative and trusted as possible. But we can’t measure these things directly.

A good start to gain popularity and some inbound links to increase your Authority level, is by writing original, unique and valuable articles in your blog. Then submit each permalink to sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller, Delicious, MetaFilter. I will give you more tips later, but this is a very good start. Stay tuned.


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