Some great places to submit your blog

Are you looking for some high quality search engine traffic? Then take a look at the links below and submit your Blog to those sites. Five high quality sites is all you will need to start. Try to stay away from automatic submission software (so 90’s) that claim to auto submit your site to 1000’s of sites. That’s not true. By the way, Google, Bing and Yahoo manage 95% of Internet search engine traffic, so these links will have you pretty covered.

Google Search submission URL. Submit here if your site is new and/or still not listed in google. How to know if your site is listed in Google?

Just go to Google and type this in Google Search ->

1) Google Search submission URL:

2) Google Blog Search:

Make sure you submit here, because if your site is listed in Google, it doesn’t mean it is listed in the blog search. High quality and when you make a new high quality post, you can also get listed in the top 10 in Google, at the bottom, where it says: “Blog posts about…”

3) Bing Search:

Bing was originally known as MSN Search. Microsoft’s official search engine that is here to stay.

4) Yahoo Site Explorer:

You can submit a webpage or a Site Feed. They can ask you to verify your submission by adding a META tag to your home page, or uploading a verification file to your site. It’s worth it to submit there and take a few minutes to verify it.

5) Yahoo RSS submission:

Another great tool from Yahoo to submit your RSS, very useful.

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Happy WordPressing everyone!


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  4. Useful links for new blogs. Bookmarked.

  5. Hi thanks for the great article on blog submissions, but I get an error when I try your 1st tip on submitting to google. is the link wrong or out of date? Thanks for the great tips!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I just started my own blog and will take this advice. Thanks!

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