TypePad AntiSpam Plugin for WordPress

TypePad AntiSpam Plugin for WordPress is a great tool to fight comment spamming, a big problem in Today’s 2.0 Internet Model.

As you may know, Akismet is another great plugin and I use it on WpThemesPlanet. It blocks most of the spam comments. However, it is always interesting to have an alternative in hand. I have tried TypePad on another blog for the last 3 months and it works wonders. It blocked 100% of the spam.

The service is free to anyone who wants to use it for both personal and business sites, regardless of how many comments you receive. As with Akismet, you also need an API key for it to work. You can get a free API key in the link below. The great news about TypePad AntiSpam Plugin is that it can be used for WordPress MU too. This is the difference with Akismet, which needs a special license for WPMU. That’s why most WordPress WPMU Webmasters are using TypePad Antispam plugin lately.

Download the plugin here.

Register for a free TypePad API Key here.

The TypePad AntiSpam plugin for WordPress is derived from WP-Akismet by Matt Mullenweg. All subsequent modifications are copyright 2008, Six Apart Ltd.