Here you can preview and download the design that best fits your style, niche or personal taste. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Enjoy! 😉



            Download Theme

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 Brown and Silver. Nice Theme!

            Download Theme

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Patagonia Abstract.

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 Sunset Landscape.

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Lipstick Kiss.

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Patagonia Horses.

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Patagonia River Style.

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Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot. This is another cute one.

            Download Theme

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Digitalis purpurea Flower. Cute Rss Icon, matching it’s unique color. 😉

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Front of 100 Dollar Bill. Orange button and Rss Icon.

            Download Theme

              Preview Theme


Back of 100 Dollar Bill. Orange button and round Rss Icon.

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 Street light and heaven. Blue Rss icon. Nice one. 🙂

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 Beetle Style. Black and White.

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 Pretty Cat. Green Style. 😉

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Default Patagonia Theme with cool Cafe styled Rss Icon.

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 Gull on the beach.

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 Front of 100 Dollar Bill. Orange button and black-orange round Rss Icon.

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Duck. Black and White.

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 Another variant of the 100 Dollar Bill. Good for business or financial related blogs.

            Download Theme

              Preview Theme


Friendly Dog on the beach.

            Download Theme

              Preview Theme



 Oh yes, I really like how the 100 dollar bill looks on headers. 😉

            Download Theme

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  2. Very nice themes! Any plans for a Patagonia variant with music-themed header imagery? 🙂

    Keep up the great work! These are very, very nice.

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  4. May I know whether it’s possible to customised the header img pse? thanks !!

    • Sure, you just need to replace the header images with your own graphic. Let me know if you need further help.


      • Hi, I like this theme very much but would like to replace the header image since I will be using it for coaching blog. Would like to know what is the image size for the header image?

        Thanks, bye


        • Hi Sasa! Sure you can use another header image.

          Just sent you an email!


        • Sasa or Admin,
          I am new to this WordPress programing, can either one of you tell me where I find the header image ? I want to swap it out, but have spent several hours hunting through code but to no avail.


        • Hello Stephen, the header image is on the images folder. To change it, simply reaplace that image with your own header.jpg

          It should be 850×206 pixels


  5. Hi Alex, Thanks 4 yr prompt response! Will revert if I can’t work it out…

  6. Hi and thanks for a great theme! =D My english is´nt verry good but I just wonder, how do I add categories, calendar and more to the dropdown menu?
    Thanks again and have a nice day!

    • Hi Ella, your english is pretty good.

      You want to add categories to the header menu? You will need to modify the header.php. To make sure, I will send you an email.


  7. I have been looking for theme with SEO friendly, can you give me a advise?

    • Hi there, my theme is optimized for SEO. You can give it a try. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need support with it.


  8. Hello Alex.

    If i want to change the Home page, what php file would i touch, index.php?

    And is there a way wherein i could segeretate different portions on my page?
    Like for example, there is the main story on the top of the page, then a sub story below it maybe two under it?

    And on the calendar portion is it possible to make the calendar dates clickable or much the better just hover the mouse and the tool tip will give the important detail on a particular date, say an anniversary? Aside from that if possible colors could be changed for specific dates that i like either for the font itself and/or the background included?

    Many thanks ahead.

    GOD bless.


    • Hello Ed,

      Yes, to change the front page, you need to edit the index.php. To have an article always on the top the page, you can use the “sticky post” feature. When you post a new article/story check the Visibility: Public, Sticky. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. Or you can send me an example!

      On the sidebar calendar, you will see that the dates are clickable, if you have an article on that specific date. If you want to edit the font or colors of the calendar, please edit the style.css. I will send you the code via email.


  9. Hi,

    This is a very clean and professional theme.

    I will def use this theme once i get started though have a few questions. + have no idea how to change the CSS etc (any forums i can read up?)

    1. Can i change the picture at the top of the page
    2. The RSS button, can i make that a little smaller and maybe put my logo there? So that i place the RSS button on the side at the top or another location ?
    3. I wanted to change the Heading writing… like not have the name slanting etc and use a different drop down…+ customize the font colours

    If thats too much pls direct me to a blog so i can learn up and try sort myself out

    in conclusion, the theme is so professional i need to bow down to you… really nice + keep up the good work !!!

    • Hello Patel, thank you for the compliments.

      1. Yes, you can change the picture. Just replace the image of the images folder, with your custom graphic. It should be 850×206 pixels. If you image is bigger, I can adjust the css.
      2. Yes, you can add your custom RSS. Just name it rss_icon.png and place it in the images folder.
      3. To hide the title using CSS, search the #header h1 and there write #header h1 { display:none } To hide the description/slang look for #header h2 and write #header h2 { display:none }.


  10. Hi Alex: we have finally set up our site using yr template. The problem now is to change the image header to reflect our website name…

    After reading various exchanges here, I’m afraid I still don’t know how to change the image, (guess it’s becos i’m a real beginner) despite the fact that I’ve searched the various files we can access via the editor under “Appearance”…

    How does one access themes/patagonia1.5.1?

    Would be most grateful for yr advice and assistance!

    Have a good week-end…


    • Hello redagate!

      Basically you need to have your own image ready and upload it to the patagonia folder via FTP or web, depending which protocol you use to access your hosting.
      I will contact via email to help you change this!


  11. Hi Alex: u r the best n kindest! I’ve uploaded the new header images! Thanks much! Have a great week ahead! 🙂

  12. I know this has been asked before so I apologize for the repetition. How do I change the header img? I believe I found the code on the header.php page, but I was hoping for specifics in regards to size, img location, and such. Thank you so much!


    • Hello Jensen!

      To change the header image, just replace the header.jpg and bar2.jpg with your own images.

      By default the header image is 850×206 pixels with a second image of the menu bar where you have “home, about, etc” of 850×27 pixels.

      If your image is bigger, just let me know and I will tell you how to adapt the CSS to fit it’s size.


  13. Hi dear kind Alex! May I trouble u again…

    1. can u share with me how to tweak the code so that on-mouse over the words on the navi bar, the words will change to red too, just like the name of the website?

    2. how can we enable the “snap shot” function available to WP free sites for the pictures on our site? This function effectively enlarges the picture as well as provide a link to the picture.

    Look 4ward to hearing fm u. Many thks


    • Hello redagate,

      I will send you the piece of code via email to change the font color as it’s a little long. Hopefully I will soon have a forum installed here to make support better and easier.

      As for the “snap shot”, not sure what you mean, if you can give me more details or samples of that.


  14. Hi Alex:

    Code worked like a dream! Thanks! :))

    Have emled u what I meant by snapshot. Hope I’ve been able to explain, as they say our English not very good…


  15. Hi,

    Very good theme, I´m using in my web http://www.peñamuñ

    If you don´t have Ñ, copy-paste the link or use

  16. Hi,

    Very good theme, Im using in my web

    If you dont have , copy-paste the link or use

  17. Hi Alex: Writing to you for more help… how can I collapse the posts on the home page, so that those wanting the full post can click on “more”? Looking 4ward to yr advice! n thks!

  18. Hi Alex, thank you so much for sharing this wordpress template with us. I’ve decided to use the patagonia16 for our preschool website. Can I ask for your help? I would like to know if you can teach me how to change the rss feed button to the button used in this page. It looks so cute, the one reading a paper 🙂 Also, how do I change the comment box. I would like to change it similar to this one (with a name, mail and website being asked). Is it also possible for us to put a code to prevent spam and the commenter needs to copy certain letters or numbers? I think this is all for now. I’ve read the above comments on how to change the header..I’m still figuring it out. Many thanks for your help!

  19. Hi Alex, the comment box is in order already. Goodness, I think the internet connection today has been going crazy since it didn’t appear this morning. Anyhow, I was also able to change the header (thanks to a friend) following the instructions written you’ve given here. And so I just await the button for the rss..the one with the guy sitting down reading. LOL Thanks so much Alex. 🙂 I love this template!

  20. Hi Alex,

    Firstly, thanks for the great blog theme! Secondly, sorry to bother you, because I see you’ve dealt with this a lot, but I’m having a difficult time changing the header photo. I am a novice to blogging. I want to use your theme for a cooking/lifestyle blog and I’ve built a collage of some food photos to the 850 x 206 format as instructed. Is there some simple way to upload the photo using WordPress that I’m missing? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  21. Hi,

    Very nice looking – hope it gets along with all my other (yet to be added) plugins. 😉

    I’m pretty new to WP, so this may be a stupid question, but –
    when I add one widget, the whole sidebar disappears.
    Is there a limit to how many widgets theme can accept?

    Plug-In / wideget is [GWA] Autoresponder for WP.


    • Hello Ben!

      If you want to have your own Sidebar, just add all the specific widgets you want to have.

      By default, the Theme comes with the classic widgets configured in your sidebar. Calendar, Blogrool, Pages, Categories, etc. When you add a new widget to the empty sidebar, all those default widgets are removed, so you can configure your custom sidebar. Just add the widgets you want to display.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with something else.


  22. Hi Alex,

    I have been looking around for a new theme for quite some time. I was still rocking the WordPress default until today. Anyway, this theme is great! I plan on swapping out some images to fit the subject matter of my site. Thank for making such a great theme that we can all customize to our needs.

    Take care,

    • Hello Brocster!

      Thank you so much for your words. I want to thank you for your donation. It’s really appreaciated.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to customize or change anything in your site.


  23. Hi,
    Very clean & excellent theme. Hope you’ll come up with sports theme.

  24. Thanks for the blog template mate, its awesome. If you have a minute, could you also send me an email explaining how to change the image?

    Have a great day

  25. I am looking for a simple and clean layout for re-organizing my site.

    I will be replacing the header image but also may be making it smaller in height.

    How difficult will this be given the search box positioning?


  26. I have an idea for a website, there are sites similar to what I want to do, they are running your themes. can you contact me and assist me with getting off the ground? thanks

  27. hy very good theme! how can i modify the categories so it could show images or an excerpt?

  28. Hi Alex,
    Thank you very much for your lovely theme. As you can see I’ve used it to illustrate the damage my home city had in the war ’91-’95. Everything works fine but there is a problem with a gallery, the pages of the menu are under the thumbnails.
    Please, as far as you know, is there any way to fix this little problem?
    Best regards

    • Hello Nikola, thank for using my Theme. I just visited your blog and I can’t see the problem. I will contact you via mail to get more detaisl. Greetings, Alex.

  29. Hi, I can’t find a license of this theme, is it allowed to change the style for my own? This styles are the best!

    • Hello Matthias! You can edit the stylesheet as long as you keep my author link and info intact. Let me know if you need help with anything. Cheers, Alex.

  30. Alex,

    I am using the Patagonia them on our Trout Unlimited web site, and the members (and I) think it is outstanding.

    I was noticing in another WP theme (Miscellany) I’m using, a 2nd sidebar (ultimately a 3rd column) feature in the Appearance|Widgets area. Is this something that could be integrated into the Patagonia theme? It would allow me to bring some of the content that extends well down into the existing column up to a more visible location.

    Great theme either way.



  31. Hi. This Patagonia theme has been the most simplest for me to get to know and use. It’s great, and I like its simplicity. I’ve managed to change the header picture to what I want, but now I’d like to hide the ‘Search’ at the top and the RSS feed icon if possible. I’m just getting my hands dirty with understanding wordpress and the language that it runs on, so if you can give me some pointers on the above, I would be very grateful. Thank you much!

  32. I need help putting an image on my page with some of this years draft prospects. Any help or ideas would be awesome.

  33. Hi,
    I love the patagonia theme!!
    I try to figure out, how to change the image…..I´ve now a new pic which is allready 850×206 pixels…..but I´ve noooo idea where I´ve to change it. I don´t now a lot about this stuff right now! Could you please help me? 🙂
    Regards Tanja

    • Hello Tanja! Yes, you can insert your image in the “patagonia/images” folder. Make sure you change the name of the image to “header.jpg”. After that, you could also change the menu background image. You will need a second image of 850×27 pixels and name it “bar2.jpg”. Same as before, just insert this image in your images folder and upload the theme to your hosting. Greetings, Alex!

  34. like to change header, need size and how to do it. Thanks. Love this theme!

  35. Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for a lovely theme. I have been searching for a theme that is lovely yet readable, clean yet decorative. Yours is the best I’ve found to meet my criteria.



  36. Hi, I love your themes. Thanks for your hard work.
    How can I make each page have a different header image?
    Thanks again

  37. Great Theme! One of the best I have found. I want to make the main area bigger. I figured out hot to do that, but I can’t seem to make the header stretch. You can see at How can I do this?

    • Hello Justin, you will need a bigger header image. You can either use your own or contact me here: webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet (dot) com -> if you need the same image (but in bigger size) I have the original I took myself. Greetings, Alex.

  38. Thanks for this theme,it it’s really nice.But I will like to change the header Image and the text.Please can you please show me how to do it.

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