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Download Director Theme below. Director includes threaded-comments, sticky-post, theme-options and a unique amazing design.

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Suggestions? Looking for help? Looking for a custom design?

You can contact me: webmaster (AT) or leave a comment below. Looking for a customization for your business or personal site? You can hire me here or via email as well.



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  4. Great theme. I switched over to it today.

  5. GREAT THEME!!! Although, how do I get rid of whats already on the side. Pages, Meta….

  6. Is there a way to take off the meta, pages, and whatever else on the side….I love the theme tho. Its my favorite one!!!

  7. I just dowloaded the director theme I love it but I cant seem to change the logo can you help :)?

  8. Great theme… I just have one request is there anyway you could make it so that I could not display the sidebar on just one page? Thanks for your time

  9. I’ve been using the theme very successfully for a couple of months now and I am very happy with it. I would now like to add a ‘Google Links Unit’ bar into the bar that has the RSS icon. I have added the code to the header code, but I can’t seem to find the right location. Would you let me know where in the code it should go.

    • Sure, contacting you! Alex.

      • Thanks Alex you are a gentleman and a scholar. I eventually got the Google links unit where I wanted it after some trial and error.

        With regard to the slow loading of the sidebar, I am using the following plugins
        AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button
        FeedBurner FeedSmith
        Google Analytics for WordPress
        SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
        WordPress Importer
        Google Custom Search

        I would suspect the Google Custom search, as that appears in the sidebar, but do you have any suggestions or should I just disable them one by one until I find the culprit?

        • Hello, thanks! Yes, that would be the best option. Try to disable one by one and see what is the cause. The other error in explorer, I think it is caused by the Custom Search. So, first of all, try to move that widget to “inactive widgets” and refresh the home page. I hope that works. Cheers, Alex.

  10. Can you send me a link on how to get rid of the directors chair/logo? i know it kills the purpose of the page but i love the layout too much and the chair does not work for my website

  11. Hello,

    I love the theme, it’s perfect for my page. One small problem: on the home page, when a post title is longer than one line, the two lines of the title run together and it is difficult to read the title. You can see it here at

    How can I fix this??

    Keep up the good work.



    • That’s strange! Did you make any modifications to the theme style.css? What plugins are you using? Send me this info to webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet (dot) com.

      • I have the same issue with longer titles getting squished together and being hard to read. I’d love a solution to that if you have an easy fix. I’ve made no changes to the css… it’s just always been this way.

        If you’re looking at the site today, third article down on the home page gives a good example of the problem.



        • Hello Chris, please try this, go to Appearance, Editor, choose the CCS style, go to .post_blog h2 and add this property: “line-height:110%;” without the Quotation marks. you can adjust it to 100,90 or 120%.. then save and check the result. I hope it works. cheers, Alex.

        • That worked perfectly, thank you!!!! I should have asked you this months ago. 🙂

  12. Hi, i have just installed a new theme , and i love it. But the template is not good for youtube videos, let me show you the problem :

    That looks very ugly…And if you didn’t realise what’s the problem from the picture, here is live :

    So how can i fix that ugly problem? What i have to modify from stylesheet ?

  13. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google it was so informational and I am definetly going to bookmark it.

  14. Great theme!!
    We have adapted for our site, in Catalonia (Spain)

  15. Almost feel bad asking you this but was hoping you could explain how to remove the directors chair/logo? I really like the layout of the entire theme except the logo image just doesn’t jive with what I have in mind for the website. And I don’t want to have to use a different theme. Actually I wouldn’t mind posting a 125 x 125 banner advertizing your Custom Website Business or whatever in return. Thanks for your anticipated help.


    • Hello Charlie, to remove the chair, go to appearance -> editor. There on the right column select header.php and remove this piece of code:

      <div id="logo">
      <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/logo.png&#8221; alt=&#8221;<?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?>&#8220;/>

      Save or update and youre done. If you can keep my credit on footer, it’s more than fine. Greetings, Alex.

  16. Nice design. I have two home pages though. Can you tell me how to fix that? Thank you.

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