WpThemesPlanet.com is a site dedicated to WordPress Themes and to posting interesting articles for the Blogging Community. We just released our new WordPress theme called “Patagonia”. We are going to add custom headers and icons for this theme.

You can also check our latest WordPress design called “Tandil Theme”. If you have any questions or you need support to install or tweak any of these wp themes, please contact us: webmaster (AT) wpthemesplanet.com

We are currently developing other wordpress themes with some cool designs. Stay tunned. 🙂


  1. I love this theme, however I cannot get the Blogroll or Links to be visible?

  2. Hello Kim, thanks for your input. 🙂

    Make sure you add the Links Widget and save it.

    Then go to “Links” to manage your Blogroll. 😉

  3. Hi. I’m just setting up my first ever Blog using your Patagonia theme, and think it looks great. I’ve got three questions –

    1 – How do I make another page the home page. I’d like to have the home page more of an intro, and the current, and excellent calander/diary page, to be just that, a calander/diary under a different menu heading.

    2 – How do I resize the drop down tabs to be the same size as the main menu header. You will see what I mean if you check out my blog – http://www.cashcowuk.com/blog, and look under the How To Use CashCowUK menu.

    3 – How do I change the colour of the drop down from black, to some other colour?


    • Hello John! I will contact you to help you customize your blog.


      • Hi great theme, but i was just wondering if you could tell me kind of the same thing. I want the home page to be a sort of intro (like a post i did that will stay on the top of that front page as long as i want), but also keep the home page that it has now.

        Last question, is there a way to add a little brief description under each post headline so people know a little about what they’re clicking on.

        Thanks a lot,

        • i liked how you made those post on your home page liked there “pinned down” so they dont move and then alll the new post go below it.

        • Hello Lucas! I will contact you to help you customize it.

          You can have the pinned posts with my theme. Just edit a post and click on Visibility -> Stick this post to the front page.


  4. Thanks Alex. Much appreciated

  5. Hello and thank you for making this amazing theme It is perfect for me. I had a quick question I noticed that you have a main page of Patagonia Theme and then a child page of About that shows when you mouse over. I have tried to create a page under Dedicated Traveler called Dedicated Guide and yet it doesn’t show any such page or any drop down menu like you have here. Do I need to add anything else to the theme to get this effect? When I created the child page I made Dedicated Traveler its parent but that didn’t make it appear I still get nothing. Again Thanks for everything and hope to hear back soon.


    • Hello Aaron! To get those features you need to download the last version of Patagonia Theme.

      You can download it here:


      • Oh thank you, and once again this theme Rocks! it is now working and is exactly what I was looking for, I didn’t have to mess around with the theme or anything. One more question since I am here and typing. My index.php takes roughly ten minutes to update everything I change be it widget or theme, Is this common? It’s only on my home page not single or post pages. Again thanks for the quick response and hope your having a great day.


  6. Hi,

    1 – How do I make another page the home page. I’d like to have the home page more of an intro, and the current, and excellent calander/diary page, to be just that, a calander/diary under a different menu heading.

    That is also my problem. How to do that?

  7. Hi –
    Love this well-made theme! One question – how to make header graphic a clickable link to home page?

  8. Hi there, I wondered if it possible to narrow your theme to fit my header which is 775px. I have managed to change the picture but cannot change the header to fit mine??

    Can you help me please?

    Also is there a way I can remove some of the text from the header? Please look at the blog and tell me if that is okay. It is a website which my friend and I have started as retired teachers so is pretty rough.

    I think your work is great and hope to use one for a personal page later.

  9. Hello Alex,
    Enjoying your Patagonia theme on my blog very much!

    I ran into a problem trying to add an email subscribe form (from my autoresponder Aweber) onto my site. I tried by adding a text widget to the sidebar and pasting in the HTML snippet they provided, but WordPress would not take it resulting in error message. Aweber said I would have to go inside their raw HTML code and make adjustments to fit my site. So what sort of changes should I make to the HTML to fit within the sidebar widget?

    Thanks so much for your help.


  10. Hey its me again. I was just wondering if you could tell me how you get the link “Continue Reading >>” at the bottom of your longer articles to link to a new page but have that page on your blog still.

    Thanks alot,

    • Hi Lucas!

      You need to use the “more” Tag for that. Just go to any of your posts and add a “more” tag. Then copy the content you want to show in both pages to the excerpt box.

      If you are going to use this very often, maybe it is better to use a plugin for this. Just go to the wordpress plugin directory and you can look for one there!


  11. Hey its me lucas again. I was wondering if you could tell me all about how to get my own image in the header.

    Thanks for all the help its great!

    • o and i asked you before about the “Continue Reading >>” link u have at the bottom of your articles and u told me to make a tag called more. I tried that and it didn’t work… do you put some sort of link at the bottom of each article?

      Thanks again,

    • Hello Lucas! No problem, I am contacting you.


  12. Hey there, I love these theme but I want to change the header. I use the online version of WordPress so I need to know how to change the header on the Theme editor. Please help me!!

    Thank you,

  13. hi, thank you very much for this wonderful theme.

    I have too an issue with the header, if i change the img, it doesn’t appear unless i select “Show background image”. I was able to change the other images by just replacing the file with another, but this doesn’t seem to work with the header °°

  14. Hey it me lucas again…. I was wondering if you could tell me how to keep a post stuck to the front page but keep it in the number one position. I added a new sticky post to the front so it was pinned there but it went above the one I want to keep as my number one home page post.

    Thanks always helps,

    • Hello Lucas!

      If you have many different sticky posts, the more current sticky post is going to be on top of your blog. Just make sure that the first sticky post is newer than the second one.


  15. Hello Alex

    I placed some tables on my website [ http://www.mys0ul.com/?page_id=3 ]

    I’ve tried to adjust but no luck. Also looked for Plugins but wasn’t that great.

    You got some suggestion for me on how to edit tables nicely and also improve their look etc.

    Thanks buddy… tc

  16. I have a ton of pictures–I’m an amateur photographer. If you need a picture for a new header, let me know. I might have it. I have a very cool picture of the USS NC.

    you can see some of my work at flowergardengirl.wordpress

  17. Dear sirs,

    How do i get it to display summary of blog posts only and not the full version?

    Sincerly yours,


  18. I’m having an issue placing my own graphic on the header of Patagonia. I cropped the file so that it was the same size but it’s showing narrower and shorter on the website.

    Does the graphic scale for the screen width and did I somehow make a file that can’t scale?

    Thanks for a great theme!

    • Hello there Robert! I am contacting you right now!
      Need to take a look at your image. The theme use a 850px width image, if your image is bigger we can either increase the width of the theme, or crop the image to 850px.

      Cheers, Alex.

  19. How do I get the Blog Title not to show up on my header?

  20. I figured out how to change the size, so no worries. it’s fine now.
    Thanks, Love the theme!!

  21. are you interested in logos or graphics for your themes ?

    • Hello Hassan, I will check your stuff. Do you have GPL compatible logos? Anyway, you can send me an email to webmaster (AT) wpthemesplanet (dot) com.


  22. Alex,

    My compliments on the Patagonia theme… This is my first blog and have no coding experience… I have been able to figure out just about everything I want to do except removing the text from the header. I tried altering the css as you advised others, however it seems that nothing I try is working… Please Help!

    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work!


    • Hello Dan, I see you completelly removed the header. I will try to reach you via email. Thanks for the compliments! Cheers, Alex.

  23. Hi,

    I wanted to say thanks for much for the awesome theme. We’re using the Tandil 1.3.7 for our church website. I wanted to know how to remove comment and category line from the pages? I also wanted to know how to remove the date and push pin,if possible. Lately, we want to add our logo to the header. Is this possible.


    CoHI Media

  24. Hey! I love your themes. You’re my favorite designer. One question for you. How do I omit pages from the menu? I’ve got some pages I just want to link to, but I don’t want them in the menu. Can I do that?

    • Hello Alice, yes you can add them manually from the editor. If you can contact me to webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet (dot) com I will check my email box tomorrow. Greetings, Alex.

  25. Hi,

    I just installed patagonia… it looks awesome…

    Question, how do I change the background picture in the header? can that be done? Also, how do you get rid of the RSS icon in the upper right portion (reading the paper)?

    • Hello! Sure, use your own image of 800×206 pixels and replace the image on images folder. Then delete the file bar2.jpg. Contact me via email if you need more instructions. Good luck, Alex.

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