How long should your articles be?

Writing between 100 and 300 words of unique content should be more than fine for each new post you will create. But don’t worry if you cannot get past 100 words of content in each article. Just avoid posts that are very short. For example, a 10 word article may be seen as not offering any value. On the other hand a very long article might be avoided for being too much to read. Remember that WordPress 2.7.1 comes with a word counter, so you can see how many words you have in each post.

How much should you write for each article?

Some of your articles will be longer and some will be shorter, just make sure you don’t write a very long post. If one of your articles is too long, the best idea is to split it up and post it in two different posts. That’s all for now. Stay tunned, I’m going to post many customized versions of the Patagonia Wp Theme with different headers and icons! 😉

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  1. Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

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