More designs of the Patagonia WordPress Theme

Choose Your Style. Today I added many customized designs of the Patagonia Theme. I included different headers, Rss Icons and colors, so you can choose the one that fits you best. In the next version of my theme, I will add some cool features like “Threaded Comments”.

Click here or the thumb below to check and download the customized themes. 🙂

Choose Your Style


  1. Hello, I’m considering using your theme. Looks very nice. Can I remove the search in header since there is another below. Also, can I change the header image to use my logo and background? Thanks.

    • Hello Al, sure you can remove the search and use your own image! You can edit the css and header file. I am sending you en email right away since it’s a little long to explain here! Talk to u soon!

      • Hi, I love your them! I’m interested in the same functionality of changing the header image. Also is there an option to have the header image change each time the page refreshes? Could you send me those instructions too?

  2. Hi, I have been using your theme for a while now and would like to have a new header image when pages refresh, or at least a different one on each page. Could you please send me instructions on how to achieve this? Many thanks Jane

  3. HI,

    I also would like to be able to remove the image and replace with my own and the search from the header would you be kind enough to send me the details so I can preform these tasks…

    Thank you and great Themes by the way..

    Best Regards

    Sam in the UK

  4. Hi Alex,
    I’m using your theme and first off, WOW! Terrific theme and very crisp and classy. Could you please send me the directions on how to change the default header image?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  5. Hi Al

    Love your theme but I also want to change the default image to one of my own. Can you tell me how please.



    • Hello Joanne, thank you! You can insert your own header image by replacing the header.jpg and bar2.jpg in the images folder. Make sure you give it at least 850 pixels width. If you need further help you can contact me at webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet -dot- com or using the contact form. Greetings! Alex

  6. Dear Al,

    Thank you for allowing to use your template. Just wondering whether I can add some banner or image in the header section. Appreciate you help..

    Thanks Al.

    • Hello wanzam, sure, you need to add the banner in the header.php. Not sure if you are familiar with coding. Will send you some instructions. Cheers, Alex.

  7. Love your blog I’m going to subscribe

  8. Wow! very nice Desigs!

  9. I really like this design – colorful and classy. I plan to use it on 2 personal sites. I would like to add a custom image for the title in the header of theme (similar to what you have done on your main site). Can you provide instructions for that (similar to the above requests, I think).


  10. Kara @ Patagonia Discount

    Hi, just wandered by. I have a Patagonia website. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Not what I was looking for, but great site. Take care.

  11. Good morning. I’m new to WP and really like your Patagonia theme. I’m interested in changing the header/banner pic as well, but have no clue where to start on this. Any help is appreciated.


    • Hello Ken, I think you were able to figure this out by now? If you still need help contact me directly to webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet (dot) com. Cheers.

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