Optimize your blog for Google Images

In this article I will give you some very good tips to optimize your site for Google Image Search. Of course I am always referring to Google in my articles, because I take it as the default search engine. but these tips are going to work for all the other image searches like Bing and Yahoo Image Search. The advantage of image searches is that you will get spidered pretty fast, since there are no such things as a Sandbox. Image Search is a good way to get initial traffic while you build and establish your Blog as a solid site.

So, what is the proper way to optimize an image? The first element you need to add is an “alt” attribute that describes the content of your image. You also need a “title” attribute that contains text to be displayed when the user places the mouse pointer over the image. You can add this in your wordpress dashboard. When you upload and insert an image in one of your posts, you will find a box named “title”.

Wordpress Logo

Whatever you write there, will be displayed in your “alt” and your “title” attributes. If you want to edit these values, just switch the view to HTML and look for the image code.

The WordPress Logo I posted above, displays the following code, check the title and alt values:

<img title=”Wordpress Logo” src=”wordpress-logo.png” alt=”Wordpress Logo” width=”300″ height=”300″ />

Another important step to take in consideration is the text surrounding the image. Some call it the context in which the image is placed. It is recommended to add images that are relevant to your articles and posts. You can either add a caption to your image or you can optimize the content that surrounds the image.

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