Patagonia Theme version 1.5.4

Hello everyone! Today I’m releasing version 1.5.4 of my WordPress Theme Patagonia. In this release I added the “Theme Options” and changed some code in the Cascading Style Sheet file (Headings). You can find the Theme Options in Appearance -> Patagonia Options. For the moment you will only see one option, but I will add more options in further versions. This first theme option I implemented, lets you choose if you want to display your “Pages” or your “Categories” in the Header menu.

 Patagonia Options

Download Patagonia Theme 1.5.4



  1. Hi I’m using your patagonia theme 1.5.4 and I would like to know how to change my sidebar to the way you have yours. Normally I would have a virtual assistant do this, but times being what they are I have to do all this myself. So I’m plodding along the best I can but could use your help.

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