Submitting your blog to directories

Directories are a very good place to submit your blog. These sites will send you targeted traffic and give you Authority. Web directories contain a collection of sites organized into categories and sub-categories and classified by niche.

The main difference between directories and search engines is that search engines use software (spider/crawler) with an algorithm to automatically index the web pages. However in a directory, web sites are organized into categories by people. If you have ever submitted to at least one directory and have checked the traffic to your site, you would have noticed that it is negligible comparing to the traffic coming through search engines. The advantage is that directories bring targeted traffic.

Though the traffic generated through directories is very limited, this traffic is from people who, by their own choice, come to our blog by browsing through categories in the directories. These people are more likely to remain in our site for long and more likely to be our prospects. Another important benefit is that these directories are considered “expert” sites by search engines. So, submitting a site in directories increases its chance of getting good rank in search results. Isn’t it worth submitting your site in directories?

Directories can broadly be classified into “Free Directories” and “Paid Directories”. There are many free directories available on the web, such as DMOZ, World Wide Index, AbiLogic, etc. Usually the free directories take a long time to list a submitted web site. So be patient and constantly check these directories for your site. In most directories the procedure is the same. Just go to their homepage and drill down to the most specific category for your site. Then click in the “Suggest a Site” or “Add your site” links found at the bottom of the category page. I will talk about social networks soon, that’s another great place to add your blogs.


  1. this is real encouraging news. i didn’t know the difference between the two. thank you very much. ike

  2. Submitting your site to a web directory can get a new site in Google’s index with a few days. It just depends which directory you submit to and how often it is spidered.

    Directory submissions isn’t as popular as it was a few years ago. However, it is still effective and can deliver you lots of targeted traffic as you have already said.

    What scares people off from directory submissions is that people think that they are paid links. That is why, you need to find the directories that do submissions by a pay-by-review process.

    You are paying for the review and not for the link.

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