WordPress 3.0 final release “Thelonious”

WordPress 3.0 has been released with the name “Thelonious”. This is the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors, is now available for download (or upgrade within your dashboard).

New features in this WordPress release include a new default theme called “Twenty Ten”. Let me add that it really looks like “Patagonia” Theme, so I guess less people are going to use my theme, time to “adapt and change” I guess. But in the other hand I can feel proud to work as inspiration to whoever designed Twenty Ten.

Theme developers have new APIs that allow them to easily implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing), post types, and taxonomies. Developers and network admins will appreciate the long-awaited merge of MU and WordPress, creating the new multi-site functionality which makes it possible to run one blog or ten million from the same installation. Also, I really don’t understand why would they merge WpMu into WordPress, since most people are going to use normal WordPress anyways.


  1. Well the new standard theme is “similar” to Patagonia, like other dozen of themes….
    Also the use of the default theme is bad for the look of a blog…every blog the same 🙂
    Even if the new version has rotating headers…

    But you can put some new stuff in Patagonia to differentiate it.
    First just copy the menu system of 2010…..
    After how about a banner widget with flash support?


    ps: 2010 is 980 pixel wide, so it seems the number is safe on every browser or they would have made it slimmer 🙂

  2. Hi, i tried to donate you a Cappuccino but PayPal insist on a Starbuck Coffe in USD.
    Sorry but i can only donate a EuroCappuccino… 🙂

    • You should have no problems to donate, since paypal automatically converts the currency from Euros to Dollars.

      • Correct but I will pay a Cappuccino also to the thieves at PayPal…..I hate them……You should have 2 icons, buy me a coffe in USD and one in EUR…see that on a couple of sites… 🙂

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