Patagonia Theme and WordPress MU

Hello everyone. I want to let you know that Patagonia WordPress Theme and Tandil Theme are now fully compatible with WordPress MU. I have discovered that many WordPress themes have some kind of problem when you try to integrate them with WordPress MU. I have had problems with a lot of themes in the past and had to switch themes all the time, because soon or late I discovered some issues in most of them. I have also reviewed many premium themes (paid ones), some of those themes cost between 80 and 150 dollars, and all of them failed to integrate with wordpress MU.

I won’t name them as it’s Unprofessional to do. You can contact me if you need more info or if you need me to review your premium themes. Anyway, many webmasters buy those themes, because the themes are actually sold using excellent marketing tactics that make people buy them. However take care before wasting money on wordpress themes that are not going to fit your basic needs or will fail to integrate with the latest WordPress Versions. And when you ask for support, they don’t give you any at all.  Now I am very happy to say that both Themes I designed are fully compatible with WordPress MU and with the latest versions of WordPress. I’m currently working on new themes. I will release a very good free theme soon. Something that cannot be found on the market actually. Something fresh and original. So stay tuned.

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  1. The Option themes is awesome, i also on test it on my test site. The author did a good job.

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