Themes updated for WordPress 3.0

I just added the Menu Management feature for compatibility with WordPress 3.0, the next version of WordPress. Menu compatibility has been added to Patagonia, Tandil and Director.

It’s one of the most exciting features in the coming WordPress 3.0. It gives you full control over your site’s navigation menus. Users can easily drag and drop items, to create menus that include any mixture of links to internal pages, external URLs, categories, basically a customized widget. Then you can embed these custom menus as a widget, in the sidebar, footer, etc.


  1. is it possible to change out your gorgeous header image to one that fits my business?

    • Hello Becky, yes if you have your own image, you must name it header.jpg and upload it to the images folder. Regards, Alex.

  2. i’m testing some themes, some have too many configuration options, some zero. Maybe a bit will help.
    The standard size of a blog should be 960pix, why this one is smaller? 🙂

  3. 3.0rc1, menu are cool, they can replace the big rss icon 🙂

    but they are not working……


    • Correction, they are working…
      I was expecting them in the header menubar like the default 2010 theme….

      • Maurizio, thanks for the feedback. I created Patagonia more than 1 year ago. The 2010 theme is new and yes it really looks like Patagonia, very similar in all ways. It’s a pleasure for me, know that I could be an inspiration for other themes and specially for the 3.0 default, nothing more, nothing less. Anyways, if you notice any problems and want to contact me directly rather than via comments, you can send me an email to: webmaster (AT) wpthemesplanet (dot) com. Greetings, Alex.

  4. I’m currently using your theme “Director” which is great…
    Only criticism is when I put in a icon i.e. 🙂
    The Icon appears high above the text and has a box around it.
    It would look alot smoother if the icon was on the line of the text and no box!
    Great Theme though!

    • Maybe we can insert a line of code into the style.css, send me more details to webmaster (at) wpthemesplanet (dot) com

  5. One suggestion: Whenever you insert links in a footer, never cause them to open in the same window. We modified them to open in a new window because we are an e-commerce site and it’s a grave no-no for visitors to click on anything that will cause them to leave the site. ALWAYS a new window.

  6. Hi,
    I’m still building my site in wordpress at the moment and somehow I’ve managed to get 2 homepages duplicated on my site using Patagonia (although it could have occured before I started using this theme) how can I change it to be just one homepage?
    Loving the theme by the way!

  7. I love this theme. It is just beautiful. I have a question…and it may be a WordPress question, so I’ll look there. A few days ago (after successfully posting some posts), my tag option just went away. It shows as I create/edit the page, but won’t let me select or input tags. Thoughts on this?

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